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Welcome to the White Island website.

From this section, we want to introduce you to our company, your present and future professional beginnings.

The White Island Waldemar project was born in Mallorca 17 years ago, concretely in the year 2000, as Works and reforms Waldemar.

In the beginning, our main activity was focused mainly on the construction of new work and reforms of houses, chalets and villas of high standing, acquiring during the course of the years a reputation and prestige that accompanies us to this day.

Given the satisfaction of clients with the result in the projects of construction and reform of their home, they did ask for more and more, that we also began to design and build their gardens, so that in 2004 it was decided to organize the company in two sections According to their main activity.

In this way the company was restructured into two distinct sections, dedicating part of its resources to construction services, new construction and renovation and the other to services related to gardening and integral maintenance in Mallorca.

Once the company was restructured, during all these years we have been professionalizing in both sectors, being able to offer a complete advice in all the branches of the construction, decoration gardening and reforms, as well as an excellent execution and completion of our projects.

White Island Waldemar
White Island

Currently, our main area of work lies in the municipality of Calviá, although we are working more between the towns of Sant Elm and Bendinat to provide greater control, quality and effectiveness in the houses where our services are carried out.
If you are looking for first-rate professionals with experience and responsibility, do not hesitate, White Island Waldemar is the answer to your needs.

Maintenance of gardens

o    Design and construction of gardens

o    Irrigation systems

o    Fertilizers

o    Pest control and fumigation

o    Lawn maintenance

o    Tree pruning

o    Withdrawal of waste and transport to the landfill

o    Removal of trees and stumps

Swimming Pool Maintenance

o    Control of chlorine or salt

o    Water PH control

o    Control of the lighting system

o    Control of the condition of the gresite and the elements of construction of the pool

o    Control of the purifier and its filters

o    Control of piping installations

Integral cleanings

o    General cleaning service

o    Laundry service

o    Plant care service

o    Particular frequency cleaning services Gardening