Works with marble and granite in Andratx.

Works with marble and granite in Andratx.
Works with marble and granite in Andratx.

Works with marble and granite in Andratx.

White Island works with marble and granite in Andratx. We offer custom work for countertops, bathroom and kitchen elements, fireplaces, stairs, etc. Or any other decorative or functional design you need.
We work with traditional materials as can be; Stone, marble or granite, as well as with advanced and modern materials based on quartz or synthetic resins of the best brands in the market, such as: Silestone, Dekton, Limestone, Porcelain, etc.
There is practically no limit to the creation of designs, since the work with traditional materials such as marble and granite, or with the new monobloc systems, with the capacity to be molded and backlit, allow to carry out any project, where the only limit is imagination.

Custom manufacture, design and installation of custom pieces.

All our works with marble, granite or synthetic resins, in Andratx are designed and made with the most modern machinery and in our own facilities, which allows us to offer all the advantages of our own manufacture by eliminating intermediaries, such as:

o Reduction of costs in the final price of work.

o Improvements in design, realization and delivery times.

o Interpretation errors are avoided when sharing information with third parties.

o Easier to make last-minute changes.

o Waiting times for reception of jobs are avoided.

o Third-party queues are deleted.


Products and services.

Our main works with marble, granite and synthetic resins or quartz based in Andratx are the following, if you do not find the product or service you need, do not hesitate to contact us, we will look for the best solution for you.

o Countertops

o Fireplaces

o Special pieces

o Shower trays

o Bathtubs

o Washbasins and monobloc sinks

o Tiles

o Stairs

o Large formats


Natural stones.

o Marble

o Granite

o Stone


New materials.

o Porcelanatos

o Dekton

o Silestone

o Limestone


White Island works in marble and granite in Andratx, the service is included within the area of reforms, works and construction in the area of Sierra de Tramontana, Mallorca (province of Islas Baleares). Andratx is located about 28 km from Palma de Mallorca, and has an area of approximately 81.46 km2. White Island provides work services in marble and granite to a population of 11,100 andragens.


Contact Numbers:

Tlf: +34 971 671 188Mvl: +34 661 754 146Mvl: +34 653 593 813

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